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Should the Veiling of Christian Women be Practiced all the Time?
Are You A Priest?
The Apostles Doctrine on the Place of Faith for Christian Women
Did the Apostles of Christ Teach and Practice Legalism?
The Gifts of Ephesians 4:11, are They for Today?
Worship, What God Has established?
The Commandments
A Comparison Chart between the Law of Moses, the Present day Church, and the Grace of God
God’s Two Covenants Explained
Can a Christian Ever Be Lost?
Remarriage, for the Christian, will God Sanction It?
Believe Not Every Spirit
The Eternal Word of God or Satan’s teaching and the works of his kingdom
Jerusalem or Bethel?
A Debate and Discussion between Evolution and Creation
The Grace of God or The license of Man?
Legalism In The House Of God
Are You a Disciple? And of What or Whom?
This World, a Life Without Justice
Fellowship Relationship with God, Temporal or Eternal?
The Will, Work, Word And Spirit Of God
Led by the Ministry or Led by the Spirit?
Should A Christian Major In Minors?
The Works Of Man Or The Work of God Through Jesus Christ
Is God For Us? Or Is God Against Us?
Spirit and Truth Worship is it Yours
Religion, What Is It? And Who Has It?
Spirit, Soul, Body
Christian Men, Producers Of Godly Seed Or Earthly Tares?
The Faith of Abraham and the Christian
Putting Feet To Faith
Will You Know and be Known by Friends and Family in Heaven?
Does God Hold The Christian Accountable To Keep The Saturday Sabbath
As The Shepherd Takes From The Mouth Of The Lion, Two Legs Or A Piece Of An Ear
Dependence or Independence?
Failure: Opportunity for the Hungry
The Divine Shepherd
Baptism by the Spirit
Are You A Christian, Or Just Religious?
Are You Cast Down?
Dead Men Can’t Sin
Unless you are Converted and become as a little Child
Ups And Downs Of A Spirit-Led Life
The Christian
A Brother’s Meeting
An Outline of the Book of Revelation
The Bible, the Work of Man or a Divine Revelation?
By Faith Alone
Two Trees



Welcome to Search Out The Scriptures

The booklets on this website are being introduced to present the truths of Christ (The doctrine of Christ, 2 John 9). God desires that every Christian walk in the riches of Christ (2 Corinthians 8:9) and be delivered from the darkness of this world into the Kingdom of Christ (Colossians 1:13). This is accomplished through receiving the truths as they are taught in the New Testament, given to the Christian, and the Christian in faith, exercising these truths. The Christian who does this will release the Holy Spirit to work in his or her heart.

We prayerfully desire that every reader will benefit by the truths brought forth in these booklets. Jesus Christ is the Word of God (John 1:1), and He is God’s only truth for this world. He lives and abides in every Christian born of God. “…for the truth’s sake which abides in us and will be with us for eternity” (2 John 2 JND).

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